RMEGV 2021

5th International Workshop on Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology in Volcanic Fields

September 9-11, 2021
Fukuoka, Japan

Notice related to COVID-19

We're going hybrid Event!
Firstly, we hope that you, your family and your community are keeping safe and well at this difficult time due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). We are well aware that many conferences are being impacted by this terrible virus. Furthermore, we now are afraid of new strains of COVID-19. After much dialogue with the RMEGV2021 Organizing Committee and the RMEGV2021 Steering Committee, we would like to announce our decision to hold RMEGV2021 as both an onsite and a video conference (hybrid conference) next September in order to minimize the impact of the virus.

Secondly, in order to enhance the value of this workshop, we have decided to change the final submitted documents from extended abstracts to proceedings papers, which can be opened on OnePetro. All contributors who intended on submitting abstracts should now prepare proceedings papers of over four pages.


On behalf of the Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics and the Japan Society of Engineering Geology, we are pleased to hold “RMEGV2021: 5th International Workshop on Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology in Volcanic Fields”. The goals of this workshop are to promote the exchange of ideas and information among civil engineers and geologists regarding serious issues related to volcanic fields, and to find possible solutions to them, as well as to aid in the fusion of Civil Engineering and Geology in terms of applied volcanic science, including construction, environment, groundwater, disasters, and geothermal energy. Many resources can be found in the vicinity of volcanic fields, such as hydro-geothermal energy and groundwater. On the other hand, many natural disasters and other risks to infrastructure construction also exist due to the geoscientific and geotechnical features in these areas. Thus, civil engineers and engineering geologists strive to solve these problems based on the existing data on volcanic fields. The themes of this workshop include volcanic geology, disasters and their mitigation, resources and energy in volcanic fields, mechanical behavior of volcanic rocks and soils, groundwater and environmental problems in volcanic fields, and geotechnical engineering in volcanic fields. It is our hope that many researchers/engineers involved in applied volcanic science will attend this workshop from all over the world, participate in deeply meaningful discussions, and create new global research connections.

Takatoshi ITO
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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  • Notice related to COVID-19
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Due to ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty and travel restrictions, the Organizing Committee and the Steering Committee of the RMEG2020 has decided to reschedule as below.

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